Weight has risen how to continue losing weight

Weight loss and work on modeling a figure is a very complex process that requires a woman of concentration, determination and willpower.

Weight loss and modeling work is a very complex process, When this process brings a tangible result, adhering to the chosen food program and physical activity becomes easier. But it happens, the weight has risen and refuses to change, despite the fact that the woman continues to work hard on her body. orlistat reviews

Why weight loss stops weight

Scientists have found that the culprits of weight loss often become themselves slimming. They make typical mistakes:

Choose a too rigid diet, which introduces the body into a stressful state. As a result, his defensive reaction works, he includes an economical regime, so that the nutrients for his normal work will last for as long as possible. Exchange processes slow down, kilograms stop leaving.

Do not drink enough liquid. With fluid deficiency, metabolic processes fail and the body stops losing weight.

Incorrectly calculate the energy costs. Very often the question of why the weight has risen in place with diet and exercise, is given by beginning fighters for slenderness, who do not know very well how to calculate calorie consumption. They every day for half an hour run or perform other physical activities, but do not take into account that they burn not much more energy than they consume calories.

Do not change the program of losing weight. The more weight a person has, the more calories he needs to eat and, accordingly, to burn during sports training. When the body loses its mass, its calorie needs also decrease. To weight steadily falling, you need to consider the new needs of the body and eat less, and move more. Incorrectly track changes in their proportions. Very often girls who track the results of weight loss by weight, confusedly ask: I lose weight, weight rose, what should I do? They do not take into account that during training, build muscle mass, which has a higher weight than fatty tissue. In order to properly monitor the dynamics of weight loss in this case, you need to use not scales, and centimeter tape.

Often the reason that when losing weight has risen in place, is also the fact that a person has reached the maximum possible result.

Sometimes quite well-proportioned girls try their best to remove a couple of centimeters in the waist and hips, not noticing that there is practically no fat on them. In this case, to engage in self-torture, long training and malnutrition, in no case it is impossible: this will only lead to the undermining of health.

If the weight has risen for another reason, you should change the tactics of combating excess centimeters.

What to do if the weight has risen with losing weight

The first thing you need to do when you stop weight - to start a dietary diary. It will help to see exactly how well the food is organized and what is the calorie content of the daily diet. On the basis of data that can be obtained from a diary diary, in each individual case a specific conclusion is made about the necessary changes in the diet regime. After all, it is from proper nutrition that the success of losing weight depends very much.

Talking about what to do if the weight has become in place, it is worth mentioning also some general methods of combating the stopping of progress in losing weight:

Zigzags in the diet. If the daily norm is 1500 calories, then you do not have to stick to this indicator every day, but change it in such a way that the calories are on average per day. That is, today you can consume 1200 calories, and tomorrow - 1800 calories. In this case, the body can not adapt to the constant caloric intake.

Change in the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. To do this, you do not need to perform any particularly complex calculations. It is enough only to try to increase the consumption of one type of food and proportionally reduce the consumption of another type. For example, those who are accustomed to breakfast with a protein dish, you should try to start the day with porridge. Conversely, those who are used to eating buckwheat for dinner, you can try to replace it with a meat or fish dish.

Switch to fractional power. Very often the patient's question like "lose weight, get up, what should I do?" Dieticians give her a recommendation on switching to frequent meals in small portions. To do this, you simply divide each meal by 2 times with a 1.5-2-hour break between them. With a similar feeding system, metabolic processes in the body are significantly accelerated.

Movement in another mode. To force the body to lose fat reserves again, it is necessary to turn to new types of training. For example, from dances go to swimming, from Nordic walking - to cycling.

Appeal to power training. What you need to do if the weight has risen in place with losing weight, so it's to go to strength training. Those who did not work on the simulators before and did not use dumbbells, it's time to turn to these shells.

If the weight stops when you turn to a diet, you should also think about visiting a qualified nutritionist who can competently compose an individual nutrition plan, taking into account the constitution of the body of each patient.

Scientists claim: to lose more than 10% of their body weight is very difficult, for many - this is the maximum indicator of the effectiveness of weight loss.

Therefore, do not grieve too much because the weight has risen after a loss of 5-9 kg, dropping from 60 kg to 55 kg. This is already a great victory.

Having achieved this result, you can just rejoice, enjoy your new silhouette and get the most pleasure from every moment of your life. After all, this is the mood - the best insurance against obesity and many other diseases.