Sex on friendship still friends or already lovers

There is such an ambiguous saying: "A man and a woman can not be friends - something always gets up between them." "Beautiful and Successful" suggests to understand - and can not you arrange something so that a friend becomes a sexual partner, but that at the same time friendship does not turn into a novel?

If you compare the relationship with a sports match, then intimacy in a friendly format is good only when there is no "winner" and "loser." No one deceives anyone with false promises, no one suffers from illusory hopes, both understand the situation and enjoy it. "Draw".

Probably, ideally it looks like this: you are both free people, both have some discomfort due to lack of intimate life, and you decide - why not! You meet in the evening at one of you at home, organize gatherings with wine / brandy / beer, discuss work / your peasants / his women / parents / children / politics (well, or what are there interesting topics for you) and then do a complex of useful and Pleasant exercises. In the morning, give each other "five" and run away with feelings of contentment and satiety - each in their lives. diagnosis buy brand viagra online

Although, of course, you can come up with some other format. The main thing - no attachments, demands, promises, dreams!

And yes - only on your conscience there is a question, whether it is possible to consider or count as the friend of the lover with whom you initially associate free attitudes or relations for the sake of sex ...

Sex on friendship: 1-0 in favor of a woman

Although, of course, to remain altruists with an unblemished conscience, having entered into sexual relations for friendship, is very problematic. Consider a typical option, when a woman becomes an "exploiter", and her friend - "used".

So, everyone knows what differs frendzona from friendship? That's right - one hopes for a relationship, and another carefully keeps it next to him - not giving any special hopes, but not driving away at all.

So many women quite sincerely call "friendship sex" a situation, when a hopelessly in love admirer gets out of the friendly zone and poses for the fact: "Of course, you are not a couple to me, but at the moment there is no prince on the horizon, and you are temporarily You'll get better. " For sex, and even for "emotional donorship" (after all, any woman would not mind getting a portion of undisguised adoration from some not the most overbearing man, even if she does not want a serious relationship with him).

Sometimes such happy with "intimate friendship" gentlemen even begin to drive a girlfriend in cafes, bring flowers and deliver her other material joys - that is, to do everything about what they would do in "real" relationships.

The young lady accepts all these "signs of friendly attention" favorably, but she is not going to do the same in the same way: she defended herself to the man's original statement "This is only friendship, we will not have anything serious, let's remain friends." And of course, it's only his personal problems, that he sleeps and sees himself not as a friend, but as a loved one.

What is bad for a guy - we will not explain. And is there any reason for the girl not to allow the option of sex with a guy from a friendlyzone?

At a minimum, this is not a very fair game. A man in love is very easy to put on a "sexual fishing rod," and he will continue to suffer this relationship painfully. And then he'll get bored. Perhaps sharply. Perhaps, with the scandal, accusations and complaints of a common acquaintance ... Or it will not bother him, but will bother the woman. And she will be glad to finish this story, and the gentleman will whine about his unfortunate share, press on pity, make claims in the style of "well, what are you psyching, well, well communicated", etc.

Sex on friendship: 1-0 in favor of a man

But, of course, not always guys are so white and fluffy, poor and miserable. The wording "sex for friendship" helped not just one woman. Still - it is enough to say something sympathetic to you ladies like "Kotik, you are lovely, but you are unworthy of me - you will certainly meet your prince one day, and we, if you want, can have friendly sex."

And if the lady is at least a little in love and cherishes the hope that this "friendship" will grow into something more that the "friend" will get used, warm, feed and fall in love - then the sex will be served to the man "on a silver platter"! And at the same time he will not have to answer with bouquets-restaurants (this is friendship, why are there courtship!), And on any timid question about some development of relations, we can say with the wide gentlemanly smile, "We are just friends, what other relations ?!" .