Insomnia in the elderly sleep disorders in the elderly

Sleep disorders in the elderly

Sleep problems occur in people of different age groups. In his youth, they are transferred easier: a man have the strength, patience, and health to overcome this temporary malaise. And what about the elderly? After all, at the ripe old age of buy cheap alprazolam 3mg online lack of sleep not only prevents to be alert and cheerful, but also worsens the backlog of chronic diseases. To overcome insomnia, the representatives of the older generation is required to know and its causes, and its own history.

Changes in sleep and its consequences

It is known that sleep consists of fast and slow phases cyclically replace one another. And that man was feeling cheerful, night sleep should not be interrupted, and rested during the day. However, with age, coupled with the change in the major body systems, rebuilt and the organization of this important process of life.

In particular, changing the length of the fourth phase of deep sleep - phase delta sleep. She is greatly reduced. This period of the most relaxing and healthy holiday, the recovery of strength and energy, availability of organs and tissues. And all thanks to a special hormone, which increases the concentration at this stage. If it will not work fully, it is unlikely that in the morning at the elderly person will be an excellent appearance and good mood.

Rebuilt and the overall ratio of the phases of sleep: the duration of deep relaxation is greatly reduced in comparison with the surface. That is why the people of venerable age is very sensitive and sensitive to the slightest rustling and the sounds that can wake them up. This is explained, and a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which increases with age their activity. Hence the increase in blood pressure, heart palpitations.

In addition to quantitative changes (in phase duration) qualitative changes occur. Reduced so-called sleep efficiency - up to 80%. That is, of all time, designed for relaxation and diligently spent in bed (100%), manages to sleep only a fraction of hours (about 80%).

By age rebuilt and the rhythm of life of people, their biological clock. This provokes the acceleration of many physiological processes. Tired faster than other elderly people have to go to bed much earlier, but also wake up in the night, about 3-4 hours. Many people have to get up around 7 or even 5 am; former owls transformed into unwitting larks. Such vigils lead to an acute desire to take a nap during the day, reducing the body's adaptation of jet lag.

Also, representatives of the older generation often complain of constant fragmentation, discontinuity of sleep, difficulty falling asleep in the evening and at night. Waking up several times during the holidays, they are forced to spend 30-60 minutes trying to get back to sleep. Many elderly people suffer due to frequent heavy dreams, and the state of anxiety in the morning when trying to sleep.

Sometimes there are more serious and dangerous disorders that require medical intervention, - the snoring and apnea (breath holding during sleep).

It is clear that the appearance of such problems sleeping elderly people often become moody, irritable. If these problems are not eliminated in time, they can trigger the development of dementia. In the worst case - senile dementia.

Types and causes of sleep disorders

It is not always the main reason for poor health elderly person is insomnia. After all, the state of health can pour more and drowsiness, and a systematic lack of sleep, accumulated over a certain period of time.

The latter develops when it is impossible to relax, lie down, need a long time to work. Healthy sleep and may interfere with unfavorable home environment. In this regard, the elderly, initially inclined to get tired much earlier experience severe drowsiness, desire to sleep during the day whenever possible and free minutes.

Lethargy, drowsiness often occurs in representatives of venerable age because of weakness, "frazzled" nervous system. She, like other organs, needs complete rest to recover. If not, the change in the ratio of excitation and inhibition, thus deteriorating the overall physical condition.

Frequent symptoms of sleep disorders. Elderly man lying down early, trying to get to sleep is forced to spend large amounts of time. For this kind of violations concerns the inability to go to sleep after a night of sudden awakening.

Each representative of the older generation has its own reasons, adversely affecting sleep. But you should always know that play a major role and accumulated by the age of the disease: gastric disease, peptic ulcer disease, frequent urination, joint pain and back problems, hypertension, obstructive airways disease, angina ... And before you fight insomnia, need to be addressed chronic diseases.

Ways to overcome sleep disorders

Each of these tips will certainly be effective in one degree or another. But in order to achieve the expected result is high-grade and regular sleep, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the entire complex.