Insomnia Causes and Treatment

Insomnia. Causes and Treatment

Insomnia - a sleep disorder. Alas, this is quite a common problem. To deal with it you need to avoid unpleasant how does ambien work consequences for the whole organism. Let's look at the causes and cures for insomnia.

Insomnia and its impact on human

Sleep - a natural human need. It is divided into cycles, which are not repeated at least four times per night. If it does not, the dream becomes intermittent and superficial. Man with difficulty falling asleep and waking up very early. He turns over many times, a long time can not sleep after waking. Morning brings feeling of relaxation and cheerfulness. All these symptoms indicate that the problems started with a dream.

And this is very serious, because insomnia and its consequences could cause substantial harm to the quality of life and health in general. Lack of sleep leads to disruption of social contact. Sleepy person becomes inhibited. He often did not immediately understand the question, it has a delayed reaction, which is sometimes inadequate. It appears irritability and fatigue.

From lack of sleep the body starts physiological processes that lead to hormonal failure, obesity, vascular dystonia (VVD), heart attacks and may even trigger cancers.

Causes of insomnia in men and women and different age groups

Causes of insomnia varied. This large amount of coffee drunk throughout the day, and physical exhaustion and emotional stress. Despite a lot of provoking factors, insomnia is treated in most cases. But only to find out the exact causes of insomnia, treatment will be effective.

In some cases, insomnia is a short-term phenomenon, passes spontaneously as suddenly as it had appeared. Sleep disorders can be associated with the change of time zones, the experiences on the eve of an important event. As for chronic sleep disorders, it may be due to physiological and psychological problems.

The main causes of insomnia include:

Exclusively Women's reasons for insomnia may occur: