Influence of coffee on the potency is there a relationship

How coffee affects the potency? Information about this drink are the most controversial and the debate about the benefits and dangers of coffee carried out so far. How can affect the use of the most popular beverage in the world for men's reproductive abilities cialis viagra?

The main properties of coffee and their effects on the body

Unlike most other beverages that people consume on a daily basis, coffee has a significant impact on health almost immediately after its use. That is why many prefer natural or instant coffee to improve their physical and mental condition and get positive emotions from the beverage pleasures process.

How can an effect of coffee on the body of a man? First of all, the drink has the following effects:

The most useful is a natural coffee. The soluble beverage content of nutrients slightly smaller, but it has an invigorating effect on the body.

Influence of coffee on the potency

Many men are concerned first of all to whether coffee affects the potency. There are several myths about this, ranging from the extreme use of this beverage to enhance sexual activity, and to the enormous harm to the entire reproductive system.

In fact, coffee testosterone in men and to a certain extent interrelated. The caffeine in the drink, and really is a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido. Of course, the degree of increase in potency will be much less than that of special preparations, but there is a certain effect, because coffee increases efficiency and gives new strength and eliminates fatigue. All this is very positive impact on the state of the male reproductive system, so many representatives of the stronger sex every day indulge yourself fragrant drink in order to maintain their masculine strength at a high level.

Furthermore, we have shown that coffee increases to some degree the activity of sperm, increasing the likelihood of conception. In women, the opposite is true: the abuse of this drink level fertility (fertilizing ability) is slightly reduced. Thus, if a married couple dreaming about the kid who regularly drink coffee only better men and women can enjoy the fragrant drink only occasionally.

So, to answer the question of whether the coffee affects the potency of men may be in the affirmative. In addition, if we take into account what is useful coffee for men, it is possible to get from moderate consumption of this drink extremely good.

Possible damage to coffee for men

In some cases, the use of invigorating drink may do more harm than good. However, the negative effects usually occur when an excess of caffeine enters the body, and periodically drink consumption may be dangerous only in some cases.

The harm of instant coffee for men (as well as natural and drink) may be as follows:

Coffee can increase the pressure in people suffering from hypertension. They'd better abandon the use of invigorating drink, or drink it in a minimum dosage. At the same time, hypotension caffeine will increase the pressure to normal and get rid of the accompanying weakness and loss of strength. If a man has normal blood pressure after drinking this drink a reasonable amount is almost does not increase;

Caffeine may contribute to increased heart rate, so patients suffering from tachycardia, it is better to refrain from invigorating beverages;

Because of the coffee beans includes a number of natural substances similar to female hormones - estrogen, the abuse of coffee can lead to hormonal imbalance in the stronger sex. In the coffee-men may be obesity of female type, breast cancer may increase. However, to achieve a similar effect should really drink coffee liters and with a moderate consumption of his men's fertility, on the contrary, increased;

Coffee can lead to headaches, to use the drink against the backdrop of increased pressure or under the influence of extreme stress. If hypotension occurs, on the other hand, a cup of coffee can help to get rid of migraines.

Thus, the coffee for men benefits and harms depend on frequency of use and strength of the drink, as well as the general state of men's health.