How to return the male power get rid of a bad erection

If earlier impotence was considered a disease of men of advanced age, today it is more common among young people. The severity of the manifestation of erectile dysfunction is different. It is not always manifested by the total incompetence of a man. Someone shortens the time of sexual intercourse, someone does not every time achieve an erection.

One of the problems is a weak erection. In this case, the blood is not enough to fill the male's sexual organ, and therefore it is not possible to insert the penis into the partner's vagina for sexual intercourse. This situation negatively affects not only the man, it affects relations between partners. To defeat the problem, it is important, at the appearance of the first signs of the disease, to contact the urologist and undergo the prescribed treatment, strictly following the recommendations.

There are several types of erectile dysfunction:

Organic - a state of male sexual impotence, which eventually grows, while it is caused by physical causes (illness, trauma, etc.). This type of impotence has the characteristic signs: a weak erection or its complete absence, a man does not experience nocturnal and morning erections. useful source

Psychological, which is caused by various psychological factors. In this case, a man has nocturnal spontaneous erections, but there is a problem when trying to commit a sexual act.

Mixed - in this case it is a question of simultaneous influence on a status of the man of the physical and psychological reasons.

Organic erectile dysfunction. In this case, a bad erection may be caused by the following factors:

Disturbances in the functioning of the vascular system, which are caused by a deterioration in the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies or by a rapid venous discharge. More often the problem arises precisely because of the complicated blood flow. This is due to the defeat of the arteries, which is facilitated by a number of diseases: atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetes mellitus, etc. Vascular disorders are caused by congenital diseases of the veins, receptor pathology, gross morphological changes from the cavernous bodies, which can be caused by penile trauma or the development of the disease Peyronie. Poor erection in this case is also a consequence of secondary changes that occur in the tissues of the penis and are characterized by the replacement of soft, elastic tissues of cavernous bodies with coarse scar tissue.

Pathology of the nervous system, which is most often caused by damage to the spinal cord. In this case, the most dangerous is the defeat in the area of the sacral plexus. Such disorders cause Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases, trauma, tumors, etc.

Poor potency may be a consequence of endocrine causes. So, a low level of androgens makes a sluggish sex drive, reduces the number of nocturnal erections. Pathology to a greater or lesser extent occurs in diseases of the thyroid gland.

Psychological erectile dysfunction. The causes of poor erection may lurk in the psychological problems of men. The most common reason is the psychoemotional state - his fears, memories of failure during a sexual act, a feeling of insecurity in his own forces, etc. The imprint is also imposed by psychosocial causes: stress at work, insult from the partner, strict sexual education, etc. Young men's psychological dysfunction often occurs when using a condom, because of fear that a woman can become pregnant, and also as a result of overexcitation.

So, many medications have side effects that have a pathological effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary and central nervous system. Drugs that for a while suppress the man's natural desires and make an erection less pronounced - tranquilizers, antidepressants, H2 blockers, etc.

Alcohol leads to neuropathy, it helps to reduce the synthesis of testosterone, disrupts the work of the liver and, in the end, changes the entire metabolism.

Thus, a bad erection is often caused by a number of mutually complementary factors, it is only the doctor who can quickly determine the cause of the problem. Trying to cope with it on your own - means tightening the pathology, and this significantly reduces the chances of recovery.

Depending on the type of dysfunction, various therapies are used. To treat organic, conservative methods and surgical intervention are used. If we are talking about a psychological problem, psychotherapy is recommended in combination with conservative treatment. Whatever the causes of the pathology, the use of an integrated approach to treatment is recommended.

The treatment regimen for each patient is selected individually. In addition to problems with erection, the doctor draws attention to other features of the state of health of men.

Exercise stress. Movement prevents the appearance of stagnant phenomena in the pelvis and improves the erection. Every day should be overcome by a rapid step of not less than three kilometers. Sex in the morning. The male body produces sex hormones by 8-9 o'clock in the morning. The erection at this time is the most stable, so this time is most favorable for sex. Practicing morning sex is recommended as often as possible.

Walking barefoot. As you know, a lot of energy points are placed on the foot. There are also those that regulate the onset of sexual arousal. It is "barefoot" walks are a simple and effective way to stimulate them. A contrast shower is an excellent workout for the body's vessels. If the erection has disappeared it is necessary alternately to pour the pelvis with something cold, then with a warm stream. It is better to do this in the morning. Regular sex is the most pleasant preventative.