How to cure colds per day

How to cure colds per day

Colds impede our habitual way of both winter and summer. Is it possible to cure the common cold of the night? How not to miss the moment and what should be done to cope with an unpleasant condition? Under what conditions the virus will surrender in a day?

Cold starts gradually, and the first signs of it, such as viruses, penetrating through the nose, causing a runny nose and a desire to sneeze; tickle in the throat; weakness in the body; slow fever prednisone online sales. To recognize the first signs, do not expect that the disease will retreat itself: will not cure - a day-two condition deteriorates, comprehensive strike a blow - after 24 hours will be healthy again.

We are treated, resting

It is not necessary to endure cold "on his feet" - it is best if you spend the night at home, thereby giving his body a chance to rest and good treatment. Do not rush to shoot down the temperature of antipyretics - temperature up to 38 degrees (as in the beginning of the disease, it is in the range of 37.2 - 38 degrees) means that the immune system is working actively, helping the body to cope with the virus. Let him work, and you help her in the following way.

More Vitamin C!

Interferon - a protein that protects cells from the virus, and it is produced with the help of vitamin C, so you really will help your immune system by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of the vitamin from food and drink.

Get plenty of fruits (oranges, apples, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, persimmon) and vegetables (fresh and pickled cabbage, onion, garlic) - the foundation of your diet right now. From severe protein and fatty foods should be avoided - the body expends a lot of energy to digest it, thereby detracting from the fight against infection.

There is a lot of drinks in large quantities of vitamin C: tea with lemon, raspberry, black currant; broth hips - choose to your taste! The main thing, drink a lot - up to 1.5 liters per day, and to drink was warm, but not hot.


They say if you treat the runny nose he held for 7 days, and if not treated, for the week. At the root of the incorrect statement. Through the nose the germs enter the body, and if you do not pay enough attention to their removal therefrom, the disease is not only not back down, but quickly move into the next phase.

Your task - to regularly wash your nose with special solutions: herbal, salt and others.

Go to the throat

Unpleasant sore throat - one of the first symptoms of the disease. If you ignore this feeling, it will soon be a cough, and there to bronchitis or other complications close.

Very effective, accessible, and most importantly, do not cause any discomfort rinse. If the home medicine cabinet has furatsilin - well, is not there - it does not matter: brew chamomile or make iodine-saline, in a glass of warm boiled water a teaspoon of salt and adding three or four drops of iodine. We perform procedure every hour and a half.


Inhalation help thin out thick mucus or have a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and ENT. Many Ukrainians are practicing inhalation over a saucepan of potatoes, but you can make a certain variety in the familiar childhood procedure brew eucalyptus, sage, chamomile or oak bark. Excellent solution helps mineral water and grape juice, besides it is not only effective, but also quite nice, which is important in the treatment of very young patients, persuaded that treatment is not always easy.

After preparing one of the solutions, bend over capacity (it can be a special inhaler or an ordinary pan) and cover with a towel and breathe. During the procedure, remember the simple but very important rules: breathe in through your nose - exhale through the mouth only. It will be good if you can do 50 breaths. And another thing: inhalation should not be burning at very high temperatures can burn the mucous membranes. Repeat the procedure preferably every two to three hours.

Thermal conditions

During the cold in any case can not be cold, especially in the legs need warmth. Let your home medicine cabinet in case of the common cold, there are always dry mustard and mustard. You can make a hot foot bath with mustard, and you can pour in the dry mustard wool socks and wearing them at night to sleep.

It will help keep warm is very warm, but not hot bath (38-42 degrees), which should be taken before bedtime. Remember that when the body temperature above 38 degrees hot tub is strictly contraindicated - it can really hurt the heart. After the bath, which should take about 30-40 minutes, to quickly perform all the above procedures (washing of the nose, throat gargle, inhalation, mustard in socks) and placed in a warm bed. Because it is very important not to lose heat, warm the bed can be pre-heaters.

Sleep - is the health

A full night's sleep after all the done responsibly "cough" measures - a major component of your treatment. A person who wants to win a cold day is very important for a good lie down and sleep off, it is therefore absolutely contraindicated heroically endure cold on his feet.

Pharmacy or grandmother's methods?

Will it paracetamol furatsilin, immunostimulatory drugs, such as tincture of echinacea, salt-iodine solution, lemon or vitamin C in the form of pills - you decide. The main thing is not to run the catarrhal process and not to go to antibiotics and other drugs have side effects, such as goiter and others.

In time begin treatment, you do not just get up quickly to his feet, but also save time, money and, most importantly, health.