How smoking causes infertility

The harm of such a harmful habit, like smoking, is said not a little, not much is written about this and scientific works, with well-grounded evidence of the destructive effect of nicotine on the human body. However, the problem can not be eradicated, and this habit is all the more dangerous the younger the age at which the smoker made his first puff.

Hardly, he in the process of smoking another cigarette thinks about what processes at this very moment occur in his body, but it would be worth it. In cigarette smoke, in addition to nicotine and ammonia, there are also carbon monoxide, cyanide, and a number of other toxic substances. All this, getting into the lungs, and then into the blood, causes irreparable harm to the health of the smoker, provoking the development of all sorts of diseases, including oncology.

Among other things, smoking is not rarely the cause of male and female infertility. In such cases, couples despair, often in their attempts to conceive a child, resort to eco services, however, in some cases, for smokers with experience, whose organism has been subjected to such poisoning for a long time, even this method may not be effective. In this article, we will try in detail to understand how the tobacco smoke affects the human body as a whole, and the reproductive organs in particular. buy clomid online

The main sign of infertility in women is the inability to conceive a child during the year, provided a regular sexual life, without the use of any contraception. Here one should make one important clause, this situation can be qualified as female infertility, only if viable and active spermatozoa penetrated into its genital organs, and pregnancy did not come. Otherwise, it is necessary to consider the option of impossibility of conception due to certain problems in this area in men. Infertility is also primary - it's if the pregnancy has never occurred, and also secondary - in those cases when after the first successful pregnancy, it is not possible to conceive again. In the latter case, infertility can be absolute, that is, incurable, or relative, when there is a chance to correct the situation. Causes of female infertility:

On the question of whether systematic smoking can provoke infertility, we can unequivocally give a positive answer, but maybe with what, both women and men, and now we will consider these processes. How smoking causes infertility in women:

How smoking affects the organs and systems of the body

For an inveterate smoker, the probability of developing infertility alone is not limited. Cigarette smoke poisons virtually all organs and their systems:

Harm to smoking for the nervous system. Perhaps, it is she who suffers most as a result of poisoning with tobacco smoke, the first sign of this is the dizziness that arises in the process of smoking a cigarette. Sometimes dizziness is accompanied by attacks of anxiety and nervous excitement. Over time, it becomes difficult for a person to concentrate on anything, the working capacity falls, memory deteriorates, apathy appears. All this is connected, first of all, with the narrowing of the vessels of the brain, which occurs under the influence of nicotine. Smokers with experience develop symptoms inherent in neurotics.

The effect of smoking on the senses. Nicotine strongly weakens the endings of the taste nerves of the oral cavity, which causes smokers to lose their taste perception. Approximately the same thing happens with the sense of smell. Also, avid lovers of such dubious pleasure, rarely have problems with eyesight, since the toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke, are detrimental to the optic nerve.

The effect of smoking on the respiratory system. Here she is and takes on herself the first blow, already at the very moment of inhaling smoke. Particles of soot irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth, larynx, trachea, as well as bronchi and alveoli. As a result of which chronic inflammation of these pathways develops, smokers begin to suffer a severe cough, accompanied by abundant expectoration of a dirty-gray sputum. In addition, doctors have long established a direct link between smoking and the development of such serious diseases as tuberculosis and lung cancer, as well as multiple neoplasms in the respiratory tract.

The impact of smoking on the cardiovascular system. In the process of smoking, the heart rate is significantly accelerated, which exerts additional stress on the entire circulatory system. This is due to the angiography of the vessels, which causes tobacco smoke, getting into the body. Smoking provokes the development of atherosclerosis, which in turn, leads to hypertension, as well as the development of coronary heart disease. In addition, the bloodstream of the smoker is worse absorbed by vitamin C, the lack of which causes abundant deposition on the walls of the vessels of cholesterol.

Harm to smoking for the digestive system. Cigarette smoke contains poisonous substances that can dissolve in saliva and with it they enter the gastrointestinal tract. Statistics indicate a direct link between regular smoking and the development of stomach ulcers, as well as duodenal ulcers. Tobacco smoke causes increased salivation, as well as abundant production of gastric juice, while increasing its acidity.

Nicotine markedly slows down the intestinal peristalsis, causing stagnant processes in it. This explains the poor digestion of the smoker, and, as a consequence, a huge load on the liver.

This is far from a complete list of health problems that can occur in a person with regular smoking. Do not forget about the aesthetic side of this habit: the smokers turn yellow teeth, smell badly from the mouth, and the voice becomes uncomfortable and hoarse. And in families of parents who smoke, children involuntarily undergo the same diseases listed above from an early age.