How does eutirox use affect a person's weight

Eutiroks, he also L-thyroxine, is created for replacement of function of a thyroid gland when necessary. When the thyroid gland does not form its hormones in sufficient quantity, then eutirox acts in its place.

Within the framework of this material, we will consider the interconnection of two concepts, which many are concerned with. So, under the close eye the connection of eutirox and weight best weight loss pill.

According to the instructions to eutiroksu, he reduces weight. However, there are enough reviews on the Internet about weight gain when taking the drug. Who is right? In fact, both sides are right.

Eutirox after the intake into the body becomes triiodothyronine. This is one of the thyroid hormones. He has a long-term effect and the original. It is through its effects that a connection is made between eutirox and the weight of a person.

Initial action. Increases appetite and accelerates the synthesis of fat. And both are the result of the influence of triiodothyronine formed from this drug. Thus, the acceleration of lipogenesis is caused not by an increase in food intake, but solely by the anabolic action of the hormone. This initial effect of eutirox lasts quite a long time: 6-8 weeks.

Long-term action. Eutirox increases the basal metabolism, resulting in faster energy consumption.

The main exchange is all the functions of the body that support our life. Breathing, digestion, metabolic processes - all this requires energy and enters into the concept of basic metabolism. Thus, without any effort on the part of the human body quickly loses energy - and therefore, weight.

All this is a lasting effect. At least 6 weeks after the start of the drug (and usually much longer) the synthesis of fat is still elevated, but its cleavage is accelerated. Gradually the rate of splitting of fat exceeds the rate of its formation - and the weight falls!

However, this is only part of the picture. Carbohydrates and insulin formed in response to their intake interact with triiodothyronine and stimulate the formation of fat. That is, the weight is growing. And the appetite was raised, and it remained. That is why it is so important to limit carbohydrates during the intake of any thyroid hormones, not just eutirox. To a lesser extent this effect is exerted by fats.

As usual, this effect is largely individual, so some people can lose weight, but many - gain weight.

The dose of eutirox and weight are interrelated. The initial effect can last even longer if the dose of eutirox is not selected ideally: at too low a dose, a person gains weight, which is difficult to prevent, as well as get rid of it. If the dose of eutirox, on the contrary, is too large for the patient, then the initial effect will be shorter.

The ideal dose of eutirox to pick up is very difficult: it depends not only on the activity of the thyroid gland, weight (after all count for a kilogram), but also age, sex and lifestyle.

Therefore, only the doctor does this and does so under the control of the tests. From the first time the dose is not selected, it is a long and complex process. Therefore, at first the concentration of the hormone in the blood fluctuates, which also contributes to the extension of the initial effect - when a person gains weight.

With a significant excess of the required dose, the initial effect may be very weak and short-term. Thus, weight gain is avoided. So why not immediately give a high dose, and then gradually reduce it to the required?

Utirox affects not only the weight, this effect is not even the most important. Doctors appoint it for other purposes.

When the dose of eutirox exceeds, and accordingly, the inadequately high concentration of triiodothyronine, the acceleration of all body processes becomes excessive.

The thyroid gland, with an excess of hormones, ceases to excrete them so as not to aggravate the overdose. Over time, the non-working tissue is replaced by a useless connective tissue - the thyroid gland is atrophied. This process is irreversible, it will never be able to work in full force.The heart beats more often, this raises pressure - and the load on the heart grows. About such intensive work, it wears out faster - and the life expectancy decreases. The nervous system is also stimulated. This is manifested by nervousness, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, sometimes - psychosis and hallucinations.Cachexia. There is excessive weight loss, this condition is dangerous not only for health, but for life. Cachexia develops slowly and only with a significant overdose.

And these are the most important consequences of an eutyrox overdose, in fact there are many more. Weight gain is much safer for health than the listed effects, so pick up a dose with a minimum and then the person gets the smallest dose of those who treat his illness.