Hair loss and ways to treat alopecia

Hair loss is not a sign of aging. Now many men begin to lose their hair in a very early, even young age. There can be many reasons. Partly men are to blame for this themselves, eating wrong, abusing alcohol and until the critical moment does not care about the health of their hair. When the problem becomes obvious, some men may even become depressed. Stress caused by alopecia often takes unnatural forms of psychological perception of one's personality.

Sometimes men are so concerned about hair loss that they start wearing wigs, build up unnatural hair, grow long strands. This problem is psychological, based on a deep non-acceptance of oneself. Men who adequately perceive the irreversibility of life cycles and are sensible of their value in society, apply all available ways of hair restoration and treatment. If the treatment does not bring the expected result, they accept themselves as they are and proudly wear their bald head, knowing that there is nothing wrong with that.

Some bald men prove the opposite, getting on the lists of the sexiest bald celebrities. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Seal, Mike Tyson, Gosha Kutsenko, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Kingsley, Sean Connery, Ed Harris, John Malkovich, Woody Harrelson are delicious! They not only dignified the irreversibility of the fact of hair loss, but also made it their unique advantage. And such celebrities as Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Billy Corgan, Colin Farrell, Marlon Brando, Andre Agassi, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Timothy Oliphant, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, independently, experimenting for a role or in search of a new image, repeatedly Shaved their hair, proving how beautiful bald men can be. buy propecia online

The causes of baldness are varied: sometimes they are easily removable, sometimes they require treatment to a professional trichologist. Often the reasons are irreversible. Classification of the causes of baldness can be varied. A comprehensive classification covers all the possible causes that caused hair loss in a man:

Heredity. Medical research has proven that hereditary alopecia is associated with the maternal line to a greater extent. The identity of the pattern of baldness is more often observed in the male half along the line of the mother than on the line of the father. Genetic predisposition to baldness is usually not treated in any way and is accepted as a fact that can not be influenced. Doctors have nothing definite to say on this issue, because until now the influence of genes on hair loss has not been studied and there are no effective ways to treat this pathology.

Hormonal imbalance. Often the cause of loss are internal hormonal failures. The most common pattern of hair loss - according to the Norwood-Hamilton model, is usually caused by hormonal factors. The process of losing hair begins with a recession of hair on the temples, then covers the parietal part of the head and can lead to complete baldness or leave the head's occipital head intact. The direct cause of this process is the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. Its effect on hair follicles is called the miniaturization process. Dihydrotestosterone actually does not lead to hair loss, its effect leads to the fact that hair bulbs over time becomes less.

Imbalance of the thyroid gland. Breaking the thyroid gland is a problem for the whole body. Before the hair begins to fall out due to dysfunction of the thyroid gland, they become brittle, dry, lose luster, brightness and color, become like a patch.

Age. Medical research does not link hair loss with age. Some men, living to a very old age, do not lose their former, though graying hair. The only thing that is undeniable is the process of miniaturization. With age, in any man, whether to genetic predisposition or not, the hair becomes thinner, short and grows more slowly.

Stress. Men are more stressed out than women. The elementary reason for this is that men usually do not cry. Therefore, stressful situations for men are transferred from within and often cause various diseases and pathological disorders. Stress is one of the common causes of hair loss in men. The physiological essence of stress lies in the fact that it leads to too active work of the adrenal glands, which produce the hormone cortisol (a stress hormone). The increased amount of this hormone in the body leads to the destruction of collagen. The lack of collagen reduces the density of the tissue of bones and hair follicles. In addition, the consequence of stress is the additional production of the hormone testosterone, which provokes the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is the direct destroyer of hair follicles in a man.

Lifestyle. Having excellent genetic and natural data, hair can be lost, leading a wrong way of life. Lack of physical activity, poor sleep, tense sedentary work, malnutrition, alcohol abuse, smoking - direct causes of destruction of hair follicles and the structure of a healthy hair.

Preventive measures and natural methods of treatment

Heredity, pathology and mechanical damage usually lead to an unrestorable hair loss. But a number of other factors can be minimized, weakened and prevented at home. For men's hair, treatment and care are just as necessary, as for women. And it's easy to do at home on your own. Elementary preventive measures will help to avoid pathological influence of many factors.

Create a home environment in which the hair will cease to fall out and will not be exposed to harmful external and internal factors is not so difficult.

First, the hair directly affects the way of life. Therefore, for the sake of maintaining a luxurious head of hair, and not only for the sake of this, you should eat right, minimize the consumption of animal fats and fast food. In this case, it is necessary to include in the diet a sufficient number of proteins, the correct carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and vitamins; Increase physical activity, which enhances metabolic and regenerative processes in the body; To minimize the use of alcohol; Quit smoking; Normalize sleep.

Secondly, take care of still healthy, nature-gifted hair. On sunny hot days, do not forget to wear a hat, because direct sunlight destroys the structure of the hair. In cold seasons at a temperature below -5 ° C it is necessary to put on a hat, since low temperatures can cause dryness, brittleness and hair loss.

Thirdly, regularly visit a master who knows how to care for a particular type of hair, how often they can be washed, what means of care to use better, and can advise ways to care at home.

Psychology in Alopecia

We will not discuss the cases when a bald pat on the head becomes a part of the image. In such cases, the head is shaved bald to the extent that it resembles a ping-pong ball. As you know, everyone has their own methods. But in all other cases ...

Often, hair loss is perceived by a person as a tragedy. Especially acute suffer from alopecia women, although it can not be denied the fact that baldness in a man always reduces self-confidence. And it does not matter whether a small bald patch appeared just on the top of the head or a total bald spot on the head. According to statistics, in the world approximately 35% of people suffer from alopecia.

Men from the appearance on the head of such an "ornament" as a bald head, immediately lose their attractiveness in the eyes of others primarily because it is an indicator of aging. And not everyone can take calmly age-related changes in their body in an attempt to hide the appearance of baldness. If a man suffers from alopecia, then it does not look ridiculous or ridiculous. But the attempts to remove the bald spot of the surviving strand of rare hair are much more amusing in the eyes of the surrounding people.

Much more tragic is the situation when a bald spot appears in a woman. This not only spoils their appearance, but also inflicts an irreparable blow to the self-esteem and vanity of the lady. There may already be a depressive disorder of the psyche right up to the development of psychopathy.