Erection problems in adult men

Erection problems in adult men

In the life of every human being is enough stress, and a cocktail of consumption of cigarettes coffee and doing sedentary lifestyle affect absolutely anyone. To date, difficulties with erection feels more and more young men. The percentage of victims is growing in numbers, because many are embarrassed to deal with this problem to the doctor. But largely expanded capabilities of medicine, even in the most severe cases, back virility possible. In this article, we will tell you about erection problems in adult men.

Talking about erection problems, not to mention how it works. Male organ consists of several cavernous bodies, in other words "jaws." When the excitation occurs actively enters the blood in the corpora cavernosa. "Sponges" increase in size, harden. At the same time due to the increase in their volume, closed channels for the outflow of venous blood of the corpus ed pillsss com cavernosum, this also contributes to the reflex spasm of the muscles at the base of the male organ. Hardening, increase persists until the signal is received from the nervous system to release the blood, empty sponge. It is not difficult to guess that these signals the brain sends out only on the fact that business is done (after ejaculation).

There can be several system failure. Violated stages of blood supply, blood retention in the cavernous bodies, or regulation of the process (on the level of sex hormones, as well as on the level of the nervous system). Fortunately adult men, has been proven in recent years that a significant part of the cases of erectile problems are not related to organic factors, but with an adult male emotions. These are called psychogenic causes are amenable to treatment much easier. This applies especially young men. The subtlety of the problem leads to the fact that information about the problems with erection spread "word of mouth", surrounded by a large number of myths.

The reason of erectile dysfunction is often a psychological trauma. This problem exposed adult males at any age, and among young people it is the most frequent basis problems in sex. It should once fail to develop this syndrome: the next time the man tries to control an erection, it is not repeated blunders. Sexopathologists America say that in this case the head extra. They are right. Those who expect failure, it also turns out a vicious circle. Much happiness, psychogenic impotence is reversible. Doctors recommend the Lady make constant that will not pay attention to these problems, take a few courses psycho.

Advertising intrusive way connects with the development of chronic prostatitis impotence. Therefore, before such a diagnosis, grown men start to panic. Try to not only cure the prostatitis, but also to strengthen erections. In reality, the situation is quite different. Prostatitis, of course, can become the basis of impotence, but not always, as this repeat advertising. To treat it is necessary, but not only for sexually exploits.

Lack of erection in the morning is the first sign of impotence Men are all different, some are practically no erection, but he lead a sex life fully. The law on compulsory erection in the morning nature is not accepted. If an erection during sex is all right, but it is not only in the morning, then do not worry. If you noticed that the erection weakens, and in the morning, and close to the Lady, it will not be amiss to see a doctor!

All men over seventy years oud no matter what can not. In part, this statistic unfair may be associated with the problem of partner's search, which it would have been necessary. And as more people of retirement age will give a head start young! According to different authors, the possibility, the desire to keep from thirty to fifty percent of those over seventy.

Adult men who suffer from erection problems, are not able to conceive a child. Either can produce only children with different disabilities. Studies have found no clear link between erectile dysfunction and decreased ability to fertilize.

On the failure of a woman in bed the reaction is negative. Psychologists say that women who have experienced sexual problems males seldom react negatively. Rather, they wake up the maternal instinct, they want to give your partner a chance. And besides, the woman is obliged to prove to herself that makes you want in a man, applying on it all his strength.

Today there are many treatments for erectile dysfunction from taking drugs to injecting methods of psychotherapy to prosthetics. If you consistently use all the methods on the basis of the lesser to the greater leads to normal sex life ninety per cent of adult men who have heard the diagnosis of impotence.

Methods for evaluating erectile dysfunction

Today, many individuals males of all ages have to deal with an issue like impotence. Impotence is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, which is necessary for the introduction of the penis, sexual intercourse. This situation is known as erectile dysfunction. In this article, we will tell you about how to assess erectile dysfunction.

Consider the physiological bases of erection. Studies have shown that an erection occurs as a result of spasm of the veins, sinusoidal relaxation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, the dilation of the arteries. Vienna, a sine wave of the corpora cavernosa, the arteries are composed of smooth muscle. You can call the target tissues muscles, which are under the gun neurotransmitters. They stand out with nerve stimulation, exercising control over the process of erection.

When sexual stimulation neurotransmitters forced the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa of the member to relax, blood flow increases in the sine wave, and the arteries expand sinusoid. When filled with blood sinusoids, they begin to compress venules thus delayed blood. Reduced ischio cavernous muscle, leading to increased pressure within the body member to one hundred millimeters of mercury.

Interconnected with the erection member structure, nerve conduction, a member of the tunica elasticity, vascular structure. Voltage drops when a member of a large release of sympathetic neurotransmitters, reducing blood volume, reducing the artery body member, decompression draining veins.

Disorders (diseases) affecting the tunica albuginea surrounding tissue, are the result of the loss of local venous system obturator abilities. In other words, the blood is no longer held in the cavernous bodies. In loss of contractile function in the replacement of smooth muscle sinusoidal collagen, leading to erectile dysfunction. Reduces erection atherosclerosis, vascular disease, which is a consequence of pelvic trauma or surgery.

We will tell you about the methods of evaluation of erection. Basic methods for assessing erectile dysfunction, concluded in a detailed examination of the patient, collect anamnesis details. In consultation with the doctor the presence of a sexual partner is desirable, because it can help the doctor understand the situation. The patient in the consultation should give details of the problems that are associated with the maintenance or the occurrence of erection. The doctor must determine whether the patient is preserved sexual attraction, whether retrograde or premature ejaculation is present, delayed orgasm, or the patient is not able to maintain or obtain a normal erection.

After the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is necessary to define the duration of the degree to achieve an erection. If there is a gradual increase in erectile dysfunction, it is an organic etiology. In addition, the methods of evaluation of erectile dysfunction involves the need to establish the violation occurs with all partners or only one. This problem appears periodically or permanently, if other triggers exist.

The doctor has to get answers to these questions, namely:

If the answers to the above questions are approved, then the patient is likely suffering psychogenic erectile dysfunction. There are cases when at a normal erection at night, erection, which is associated with a sensual experience, the patient is a member of a drop rigidity during intercourse during frictions. It explains this syndrome pelvic steal. Method for evaluation of erectile dysfunction in such a case is to determine whether decreased erection during sexual intercourse, when the male performs active movements. This information can be the key for a doctor to solve the problem. In addition, find out if the patient is suffering from intermittent claudication, the doctor will be able to assess how local blood flow is intense. And with such features as the bending of the penis, reducing its length, pain during erection doctor can suggest the presence of Peyronie's disease.

The most common causes of dysfunction is considered diabetes mellitus, disturbance of peripheral circulation. Diabetes is responsible for erectile dysfunction, many of males older than forty-five years of age. But half of patients over fifty years with diabetes develops organic impotence. They are considered to be the result of cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Assessing the causes of erectile dysfunction, the doctor examines the substance medications that the patient takes. Violates erections use of antihypertensive agents, antiandrogens, the use of alcohol, antidepressants, cocaine, ketoconazole, phenothiazines, marijuana, estrogen, histamine blockers, nicotine, drugs, psychotropic and other means.

The doctor holds the patient's examination, paying close attention to the condition of the penis, testicles, blood circulation in the lower extremities, the thyroid, by palpation examines the rectum, notes the existence of irritation in the bridle, cracks in the foreskin, herpetic lesions or plaques. Cracks, irritation in the bridle suggest chronic balanitis, symptoms in the course of erection, bringing discomfort, preventing further sexual intercourse.