Depression after a divorce

Divorce is a tragedy, from which, unfortunately, no marriage is insured. And in our time, when the institution of the family has become especially fragile, rare lucky people manage to avoid the seven circles of the hell of the divorce process.

The state of depression that a woman experiences is very difficult. Usually this phase lasts from two to two and a half months.But in some, especially severe cases, the duration of the phase of conscious suffering can increase. In order that depression stopping elavil does not lead to irreparable consequences, it is important for a woman to be able to pull herself together in time.

In this it will help the following tips of literate psychologists:

The state of depression after severe distress is the norm. Bad mood, desire to be shielded from any conversations and meetings, self-pity, tears, sobbing - for all these manifestations of her weakness, a divorced woman has every right. Negative emotions during an acute depression after a divorce should be mourned and voiced. If possible, in the first few days after the divorce, it is also desirable to take leave at work so that you can pogandrit at home without damage to your career and reputation. But such detachment from the outside world should not last longer than two or three days.

Faster to get out of the state of depression is the point of support. Such a point for a divorced woman may be, for example, her children or parents - close people who need her support. Many former wives, not knowing how to survive depression after a divorce, first do all the household chores automatically, by inertia. But gradually they realize that life goes on, that there are still those who love them very much. This helps them reborn for a new life.

Salt to the wounds of a woman is any contact with an ex-spouse. You should not look for meetings with him, even to express to him everything that has accumulated in the soul, because usually during this period all conversations between the ex-husband and wife end in quarrels or scandals. Psychologists are also advised to get rid of things reminiscent of a previous marriage, and, if possible, change the situation.

The first time after the divorce, almost all women are engaged in psychological self-flagellation, blaming themselves that their marriage broke up. The site sympaty.net emphasizes: marriage is built by both spouses, and in that it disintegrates, both are always to blame. Only stopping blaming herself, the woman will be able to let go of the past and find the strength to go forward to new goals.

To get rid of depression at a severe depression after a divorce, paralyzing thoughts and movements, is often helped by some push, bold or even extreme action. You can, for example, do diving, parachuting, go to the mountains to ski, play paintball or even go to the boxing ring - a specific choice of treatment depends on the temperament and character of the woman. Such exercises help to throw out aggression, to clear oneself of accumulated negative thoughts and emotions, charge adrenaline, shake and force to act.

Depression after divorce in women is also effectively treated by shopping and beauty therapy. If the financial situation does not allow you to visit the hypermarket and spa salons, you can simply walk through boutiques in which there are sales, buying yourself a pair of inexpensive accessories that can refresh the image, and then arrange a cosmetology room by taking a bath with sea salt and making a face mask And hair. Any woman's mood instantly improves when she likes her reflection in the mirror.

Life from scratch, or How to completely overcome depression after a divorce

After the phase of conscious suffering, the so-called period of residual phenomena begins. Despite the fact that the hard experiences are already behind, every new meeting with an ex-husband, a telephone conversation with him or some vivid reminder of lost happiness can cause a sharp emotional pain in a woman.

Psychologists recommend at this time to try to avoid any reminders of divorce, however, in some cases this can not be done. For example, one can not ignore a child's desire to see his father and communicate with him, his questions about the pope.With the ex-husband, the wife can also be associated with common affairs, which can not be solved without him.

To help it is easier to survive this phase of female depression after a divorce can be a serious hobby. The victors of their life failures are always strong ladies, able to perceive the severance of marriage bonds as an opportunity to start their life from scratch.Emptiness, gaping in the soul after losing her husband, you need to fill with creativity. Art therapy - an excellent tool to combat mental trauma.

Moreover, according to successful creative people, it is hard feelings that give the strongest inspiration and help create really worthwhile works.

Sewing, cutting, design, embroidery, knitting, origami, carving, confectionery, poetry, prose, hairdressing, floriculture, choreography or something else - it does not matter what kind of business a woman can survive after a divorce. It is important that it takes up all of its thoughts and feelings, leaving no place in the heart and head for sadness.

A serious hobby will not only help to forget about recent adversities, but will also teach you to believe in yourself, to discover new interesting features, and look to the future with optimism.

Faith in the future of happiness - a good cure for depression

If we calculate how long the depression lasts after the divorce as a whole, something turns out about two years. These two years of life can be completely lost, if you devote them to lamentations about your unhappiness and seclusion.

And can be a start for the search for real life happiness. Thoughts about a happy future are the main answer to the question of how to overcome depression after a divorce. Statistics say that almost all women after a while after the dissolution of the marriage successfully build a new life. Many of them remarry and create happy families: after all, in their experience, they already perfectly know what mistakes in marriage should be avoided.

It is interesting that 25% of divorced men and women converge again and live happily after the second marriage. This leads to the idea that depression after a divorce for each of the former spouses is a favorable moment for realizing what is their main value for them.

A good lesson can be learned from any life situation. The same applies to everything related to divorce. Life difficulties make us spiritually stronger. Therefore, all those who are suffering now because of the gap with her husband, our site wants to quickly learn from this lesson as much useful information and gain new strength to begin to build their own happy future.