Causes of a weak potency and ways to restore a stable erection

Erectile dysfunction - an erection disorder, in which the penis of a man does not acquire sufficient firmness for sexual intercourse. Problems with potency can be a healthy man. If this is permanent, you should consult your doctor.

Inside the penis are cavernous bodies (caverns). Their blood supply is carried out along the arteries, and the outflow of blood - through the veins. With sexual excitement, the influx of arteries is activated, the outflow is blocked. As a result, the penis becomes filled with blood and comes to an erect condition. vardenafil women

Hormonal disorders. In case of disruption of the endocrine system, it is possible that the male sex hormone (testosterone) is inadequate or excessive production of female hormones. Another cause of dysfunction is neoplasm in the pituitary gland. Problems with potency are caused by excess prolactin. Negatively affects the sexual function and diabetes.

Many drugs have a negative effect on erectile function. These are the drugs used to suppress testosterone, as well as drugs that contain female hormones. Weak potency may be the result of taking other drugs (psychotropic substances, adrenoblockers, etc.).

Sclerosed cavernous tissue. If dying of cavernous tissue is replaced by a rough connective tissue, the consequence is an unstable erection or complete loss of it.

Problems with erection are often caused by venous insufficiency of the vessels of the penis. Because of a venous leak, the blood does not stay in the penis of the man, resulting in an unstable erection. Also, excessive blood flow is possible when the erection occurs swiftly, but also quickly and stops.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by other vascular pathologies, including:

Inhibitors are used if the goal is to obtain a quick result. This group of drugs stimulates blood circulation in the small pelvis. As a result of the intake of inhibitors, an interaction occurs with the nitrogen oxide, which is produced during sexual arousal. Muscles of the cavernous body relax, and blood circulation in the penis of the male becomes more intense.

Weak potency is also treated with dietary supplements. The effect of taking dietary supplements is postponed and is based on the accumulation in the body of elements that positively influence the potency. The course of taking supplements is designed for a long period during which the metabolism is optimized, the rate of metabolic processes of the penile tissues increases, and blood circulation improves.

If the cause of the violation of sexual function lies in the psychological problems of men, a sexologist or a psychologist deals with treatment. The help of a specialist is aimed at overcoming the psychogenic factors that caused problems with potency.

Falloprosthesis is the most radical, but also the most effective way of solving the problem. The operation consists in the installation of implants, replacing cavernous bodies.

To bring the prosthesis into action, you need to massage the scrotum. As a result, the pump pumps the liquid into the cylinders - the penis comes to an erect state. Inflatable dentures look the most physiologically natural.

With the correct installation of any type of prosthesis a man retains a natural sensation of sexual contact. Also, the childbearing function and normal urination are maintained.

If the problems with potency have not gone far, as well as for prevention, effectively adherence to the diet. The diet of a man should be rich in foods with the content of vitamin E and C, zinc, beta-carotene. It is recommended healthy way of life: refusal from smoking, restriction of alcohol consumption, a mobile way of life, avoidance of stressful situations.