Causes and symptoms of high blood pressure in men

Elevated blood pressure in men today can be observed at any age. This condition, which is accompanied by numerous side effects, many of which are life-threatening. At the slightest signs of this disease, it is necessary to undergo a checkup so that the doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The causes of the development of hypertension are different, often this is fatigue, an improper diet, a disturbed daily routine. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is required to determine exactly what caused the disease. Otherwise, the unresolved cause will make the treatment process completely inconclusive. mata capoten

The reasons for which hypertension can develop are diverse. It can not be said that only one of the factors causes violations, usually a lot of them, and in complex they increase the risk of the disease many times. Among the most common it is necessary to note:

Incorrect food. Some believe that the diet can not affect the state of health, but this is a typical misconception, which leads to numerous disorders. Especially harmful is salt, which increases the pressure on the vessels. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of not only the salt itself, but also the products that contain it in large quantities. It is a question of smoked sausages, sauerkraut, red caviar, cheeses. Under the ban fall teas with lemon, dry and fortified wines, fruit drinks.

The state of a hangover is the cause of headaches. In addition, the body is poisoned by the products of the breakdown of alcohol, the cardiovascular system, the brain is affected.

The causes of high blood pressure are also explained by problems with the spine.

With diseases of the adrenal glands, kidneys, urolithiasis, advanced pyelonephritis, doctors often prescribe an appropriate examination that will show whether there are any violations. If a low potassium content is detected in urine tests, then an analysis is also made for the hormone aldosterone, which is responsible for normalizing the pressure. This is the only way to establish an accurate diagnosis.

The cause of the disease may be taking medicines for more than 1 month. Even cures for a common cold, which take too long, can cause the development of hypertension.

Symptoms of hypertension

High pressure in men at first can occur completely unnoticeably, for days and even months this illness manifests itself extremely poorly, many even call it a "silent killer" due to the fact that in time unrecognized symptoms lead to serious consequences and even to death. This is the absence of signs and makes hypertension in men so dangerous. In time, unrecognized symptoms lead to strokes and heart attacks, to a lethal outcome.

Usually, hypertension in men manifests itself first in the form of a strong sense of anxiety, interruptions in the work of the heart, nausea. Often there are painful sensations near the heart, a headache that is difficult to remove, dizziness. If these symptoms begin to occur too often, then a check should be performed so that the doctor can immediately prescribe the treatment. Otherwise, the disease will go to the most dangerous stage. That is why regular preventive examinations are recommended, during which you can immediately identify the danger of such a disease, take appropriate measures.

At high pressure, men develop headache, darkening of the eyes, dizziness, loss of consciousness. In some cases, there are pains in the heart, interruptions, increased heart rate. All this is accompanied by fever, excessive sweating, red face. But their hands remain cold and slightly damp.

When high blood pressure passes into a stronger stage, swelling of the limbs, constant shortness of breath, weak and irregular blood circulation are observed, even at rest, all these symptoms continue to worry greatly. A person can no longer work or rest normally, the disease goes on its progressive stage.

When the pressure rises above the norm, it is necessary to start treatment, but only if this is not a one-time condition, but a permanent phenomenon. If this is not done, the consequences can be unpredictable. Complications include impaired blood circulation, blindness and even death.

Among domestic preventive measures, we can note a decrease in salt intake, a complete refusal to take alcoholic beverages, and from smoking. It is necessary to conduct active physical exercises, to give up a sedentary lifestyle. The daily routine should be optimized, after work more rest. Attention should be given to the diet, which should have everything necessary for the body. Fat and heavy food will have to be excluded, it is required to refuse fried food. Some specialists prescribe a special diet, which, combined with the rest of the treatment, gives excellent results.