Antibiotics for colds for children how to treat the common cold at the baby

The use of antibiotics in the treatment of the common cold in children

Children - this is a great happiness, but also a great responsibility, which is accompanied by lots of very different concerns. Usually, they often suffer from colds, and largely depends on the parents, how quickly they will recover. It is important to the proper treatment of colds in children, which is to defeat the disease, and will protect against buy antibacterials online without prescription possible complications.

Identifying the causes of disease

According to a well-known children's pediatrician to understand which treatment strategy should be, you need to understand what is causing the disease, the virus or bacteria? It is so important, because the antibacterial agents are used only for bacterial infections. If you use an antibiotic with a viral infection without any signs of bacteria, just after the temperature rises, it may even increase the risk of complications. To understand whether there is bacteria or not, the easiest way in the body of the child by passing the required tests.

Identification of the bacterial infection using assays

For a variety of analyzes it is possible to conclude that there is a bacterium in the body of the child. Dr. Komarovsky says that without a properly conducted diagnostic prescribe antibiotics to children, you should not. So, to understand how to treat the child, it is possible, having passed the following tests:

Last done often and may indicate a bacterial infection by the presence of such features as a sharp increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, leukocyte formula shift to the left and increase white blood cells.

Colds in children, which accompanies fever and other remarkable standard symptoms of the disease, more than 80% of cases are due to common viral infections, treat it with antibiotics does not follow.

Symptoms of the common cold in children

Children treat a cold is difficult, because many of them are still not able to speak because of their tender age and tell what and where it hurts. Most of all it is important for infants not yet able to speak. They express their discomfort only cry. In general, the concept of the common cold and SARS - different in nature. Dr. Komarovsky, as well as other doctors, says that colds can get sick, peremerznuv or wet feet, but are the consequence of getting SARS virus in the human body. However, symptoms and treatment of these diseases are very similar, so the people all called SARS colds.

So cold symptoms in children there are several: