A comprehensive program for treating obesity

A comprehensive program for treating obesity

Experts say that the strengthening of the will is based on the constant, everyday forcing yourself to perform the necessary actions that you are least pleasant and desirable.

Of course, success is easier to reach those who are starting small and gradually complicates his program, consulting a physician. The basic premise of prevention and treatment xenical for weight loss of obesity is the normalization of body weight. Try to understand and understand for themselves the most important thing - a mechanism to achieve this goal has only two levers - engine mode and diet!

The only way you can achieve the desired result. The motto of the many wonderful resources offered - "You do not do anything, just lie down and lose weight!" - No matter how pleasing to the ear, will never bring you success! So, unfortunately, does not happen. Arguments of this point of view is very simple - look at the western music and movie stars. With much greater capabilities (both material and technical), for some reason they do not rely on magical means, from which grow thin in a dream, and clock up a sweat at the gym and watch their diet.

All other treatments (massage, physiotherapy, medication) bring maximum results only in combination with properly chosen physical activity and dietary nutrition.

Recently, obesity medications are used, which is achieved with reduced appetite, increased energy consumption and delayed excretion of excess body fluids. The use of these funds should be administered under strict medical supervision. Do not voluntarily accept such medicines, even if they helped your best friend. They can not just come to you, and you will not only not solve the problem, but can cause serious damage to your health.

A comprehensive program

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of obesity is based on the concept of man as a complex system, in which everything is highly interconnected, so that to obtain a stable therapeutic effect is necessary to change the state of the organism as a whole. To this end, in clinics dealing with precisely the problem of excess weight, as a rule, developed comprehensive diagnostic and treatment programs.

To start a patient visits a doctor, an endocrinologist with a view to a full survey of the endocrine system and the identification of endocrine obesity, visiting a psychologist, a nutritionist in order to identify predisposing psychological and other reasons, visits at a physician / cardiologist necessary for the purpose of examination of the cardiovascular system, the gynecologist-endocrinologist, urologist to identify the pathology of other organs and systems. The patient is required to meet with a fitness trainer to determine the physical capacity of the patient and other factors, allowing subsequently create a comprehensive treatment program. These experts do not have to search and wait in individual specialized centers.

After visiting the doctor, you can immediately surrender all the necessary tests, including the determination of leptin concentration in serum (obesity hormone), to determine the level of sex hormones, determine food intolerances, undergo instrumental tests (eg, ultrasound of organs and systems).

A quick analysis is to determine the level of capillary blood sugar. It is conducted using modern test systems - the result you get after 1-2 minutes.

After a full examination of all the specialists developed a comprehensive individual program of obesity treatment, taking into account sex, age and degree of obesity, the identified changes in the body's systems.

Program combined treatment of obesity generally consists of 2 stages - stage weight loss (3-6 months) stabilization and weight gain stage (6 months). These steps are very important, because the activities carried out with the patient at some point or another different. For example, the effect of the change of diet is more pronounced in the first phase and almost unnoticeable on the second, and the effect of physical exertion is noticeable at a later date. Objectives for the stages and different - you first need to achieve a stable weight loss, and then consolidate the achieved results - not to gain extra weight again.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of obesity include the following methods of treatment:

1. Individual selection of products, taking into account age, weight, taste, material resources, family and national traditions, working conditions and rest, biochemical indicators of an organism, without fasting and diet with a sharp restriction. The patient is taught the basics of self-control over their health and eating behavior. A nutritionist helps the patient to begin to eat properly, not limiting themselves at all.

2. The program of physical activity, taking into account existing correctable entry-level training and to reflect changes in diet and lifestyle. Drawing up such a program, are best left to a professional fitness trainer, which will not only monitor its performance, but also to adjust daily as your health.

3. Special treatment of endocrine diseases identified with the use of modern techniques. The program provides for the treatment of diseases associated with obesity: type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the digestive system. This section works with the patient invaluable role endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist.

4. Drug treatment of obesity with special preparations for weight loss, only the permission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Xenical, Meridia, drugs that reduce appetite, "competitors" of fats and carbohydrates, activators of the thyroid gland, etc.) With the adjustment of a food diary, doses of drugs, state organism in this form of treatment.

5. The program body purification by administration into the gastrointestinal tract of substances having adsorbing properties.

6. Immunostimulation - immunity program adjustments, taking into account the peculiarities of the target program of weight loss. Any shocks to the body, and losing weight - it's stress, adversely affect on the immune system and immunologist is sometimes one of the leading specialists for patients who want to reduce weight while maintaining a charge of vivacity and energy.

7. Herbal medicine - recommended phyto-bar with vitamin cocktails and a variety of teas and tea drinks that contribute to the restoration of the metabolism, cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, weight loss.

8. Individual psycho-correction program - conducted group and individual lessons. Psychotherapist for patients who want to lose weight, simply necessary, because very often "we seize" our problems at work, in the family.

9. The program of surgical and cosmetic manipulations weight loss and correction of comorbidity:

- Liposuction - removal of excess fat deposits in certain areas

- Abdominoplasty - removal of sagging and / or a large belly

- Subcutaneous mastectomy in men - the removal of enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia)

- Reduction mammoplasty - reduction of enlarged mammary glands in women

- Sclerotherapy of spider veins for varicose veins

- Mesotherapy, ozone therapy - beauty treatments to reduce fat deposits.

Classification of obesity. The degree of obesity (excess weight standards for normal weight):